About Me

DOCTOR: A Family Medicine physician, I studied and trained at University of Washington School of Medicine and Family Medicine Residency.  UW is #1 in Primary Care and Family Medicine.  The Residency was just named #2 in the nation in USNWR’s first residency ranking.  I was Chief Resident for one year after residency and oversaw and junior edited the first edition of First Aid for the Family Medicine Boards.  We moved to Chicago-land and after 2 years at a local Community Clinic, I am now teaching at Rush Medical College and practicing out of a teaching clinic in Worth, IL.

NINJA:  I study martial arts with the amazing Grandmaster Yu in Oak Park, IL.  He teaches Tae Kwon Do, Farang Do, Hapki Do, Tangsu Do, Shotokan Karate, and Kung Fu as well as Kumdo and other martial arts weaponry.  My two sons study martial arts as well.

MOM:  I am wife to a wonderful, clever man and mother to two wonderful boys.  You will hear about them on this blog, I am sure.

WHAT ELSE?  I graduated Cum Laude from I’olani School in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1985.  It is a college preparatory school and prepared me well.  The school had been started as an Episcopal school and had previously been an all boys school.  I entered in the school’s 117th year, the first year of the admission of 2 classes of women.  We learned a lot and laughed a lot and grew a lot.  I am very fond of my high school classmates still.  I graduated from Princeton University in 1989 with an Arts Bachelor in English, and was honored with the Louis A. Sudler Award in the Arts, awarded annually to one senior who has contributed to the Arts on campus; I was the first recipient ever in Dance.

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