Today I revised Little’s checklist.

We have been using these for years to help the kids remember what their tasks are.  Before Little could read, I inserted little graphics that reminded him what his tasks were next to the words.  We create a reward they want to work for and if they meet a certain percentage over a set time, they can collect.  In general, we try not to make it food based so that we don’t use food as reward but better an activity that we share and enjoy together.  My friend Kathy had a great idea to make a number of rewards and put them in a jar or bag and reach in to choose one when the challenge had been met.

Little helped to create the tasks on this one.  We decided to take out “Wake up” since he would have to be up to interact with his checklist! :>

I once had a babysitter who loved the checklist.  She exclaimed, “Oh, Man!  I need a checklist like this!”  Don’t we all?


2011.9Little list


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